10 Tips For Enjoying the RV Travel and the Outdoors With Your Children (or Grandkids)

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Most children spend a majority of their time between school, watching TV and on being active on electronic devices. Parents and grandparents worry about not spending quality time with their offspring and grandchildren.

10 Tips For Enjoying the RV Travel and the Outdoors With Your Children (or Grandkids) 1

  • Experiencing time outdoors together has so many benefits for you and your family.
  • By sharing favorite past times, hobbies, and activities it will provide opportunities for more meaningful relationships. Who can’t use more of that?
  • You can instill the love of travel, exploration and the great outdoors by helping your kids to be more curious, thoughtful, adventurous and happier individuals with very useful skills. And who wouldn’t want that for their (grand) kids?
  1. Do a “trial run” and spend the night out in the RV at your home or at a local campground.
  2. Don’t be overly ambitious; plan your days to include short hikes and plenty of time for your child to stop, take in their surroundings, admire a rock, flower, lizard or bug.
  3. Bring a long a map and compass. Map reading is an essential practical real life skill…and better safe than sorry. When teaching them, start with a smaller map, explain map symbol, etc.
  4. Don’t push a total electronics ban. It takes time to wean and let’s face it; they do provide essential uses and info.
  5. Take along tasty snacks and let the kids help with the food/snack selection. For campouts, enjoy a dessert of smore’s or hot coco.
  6. Keep hydrated; nothing worse than getting headache or nausea from not drinking enough or getting over heated. Have the children pick out their own water bottles.
  7. Dress in layers. For children who enjoy costumes, pack their favorite Tinkerbell or Spiderman costume they will be more inclined to zip around quicker dressed as a super hero or other flying character.
  8. Pack their favorite toys, stuffed animals, pillow and/or blanket. Kids like to surround themselves with familiar things and helps them get used to being away from home.
  9. Everyone loves a little company. Consider bringing along one of their friends or travel with another family.
  10. Leave no trace behind. Teach your children about the values of ethical camping and the impact it has on their generation on those to come, while teaching them to be more considerate of others. The very same kids who won’t lift a finger at home will be much more inclined to help out.

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Create new adventures and fond memories with your family!

Happy Traveling!

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