14 RV Camping Rookie Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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1. Overpacking. It’s a common error, but with experience, you’ll quickly become an expert! There are stores on the road. If you will be at one location, you can pre-ship anything you need to the campgrounds.

2. Be organized, create lists and pack things in order of likelihood of need so you’ll be able to access them easily.

3. Always let someone know where you’ll be going.

4. Be careful when opening overhead bins. “Contents May Shift In Flight”.

5. Make sure you ventilate the RV with the built-in fans, and/or open windows when cooking. Smoke detectors are loud and you’ll get blasted.

6. Campfire smoke blows in the wind, close your camper windows and consider the best place to make one and the direction of the wind so as not to disturb your neighbors or fill your camper with smoke.

7. Watch the volume on outdoor speakers as they aren’t easily heard inside. Learn which speaker buttons activate which speakers. Otherwise you’ll find you have been serenading the entire campground.

8. If there’s no power, check the master power switch.

9. Remember the fridge controls and remember to change settings when you unplug.

10. The levels monitor gauge is helpful, so use it, check it regularly and react accordingly to avoid any issues.

11. Be prepared at the RV dump station. Sunday rolls around, and folks are trying to head home, and a line forms at the dump station. Have your routine down before everybody is watching you and waiting on you while you fumble through the manual, and look puzzled when you pull the grey water handle and nothing comes out. For those more likely to read this before the manual, the grey water pump switch needs to also be pressed when the valve is open to actually pump the grey water out. The switch is on the back wall near the outdoor hose. It says so in the manual.

12. Leveling blocks are loud when you drive over them. That pretty much sums that one up. Don’t forget they are under your tires when you drive out of the campsite.

13. Tourist spots, be sure to check times and dates of availability to avoid disappointment.

14. Read campground rules before setting out so that you won’t be guilty of breaking any of them.

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Learn from your mistakes and celebrate your successes!
Just relax and enjoy! Don’t strive for perfection you and you’ll have a great time!

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