6 Busted RV Myths

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The RV life has recently taken off, partly due to the events this year, but because the idea of minimalism and working with only what’s necessary has become increasingly popular. It’s so appealing being able to go almost anywhere you want to go without feeling stuck in one location. The current state of the country has only increased that desire. With this new spike in RV interest, there are a few common myths popping back up about hitting the open road and the vehicles you do it in. From hauling the RV with a pick-up truck to camping out in the cold weather, we’re busting ten RV myths that just aren’t true.

● A truck can tow any RV: RV’s come in all shapes and sizes. The truck you use has a gross vehicle weight rating indicating how much weight it can haul. If you try to exceed that limit, not only could you do severe damage to the truck, but it’s highly illegal.

● You can’t live in an RV full time: How you handle the RV life is up to you. As long as you have a legal address somewhere in the country you can spend however much time you want traveling in an RV. This could be a home you still own that you can use as a resting spot periodically, it could be a family member’s address, or as we mentioned in our last blog there are various services for RVers that set up permanent addresses and mailboxes for a fee.

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● RVing is expensive: RVing is actually less expensive than flying somewhere on a vacation. You’re looking at:

  • Airfare per person to and from your location
  • The cost of the hotel stay per night
  • The rental cars
  • Eating out significantly more because chances are you won’t have an adequate kitchen, and more.

With Rving, you’ll be paying for:

  • The gas to travel
  • Staying at a camping site which is significantly less expensive than a hotel
  • Food you’ll be able to store in the RV and make home-cooked meals
  • You’ll never have to worry about shady hotel operations and more
6 Busted RV Myths 2

● RVing is for retirees: This may have been the case years ago when RVing was still somewhat new. It’s not the case anymore. Owning or renting an RV is less expensive than the ever-fluctuating housing market. Mortgages are getting astronomical compared to job wages and renting an apartment is even worse depending on the area.

● You can’t travel with pets: Can’t live without your four-legged companion? Take them along! They’ll benefit from exploring new and exciting places just as much as you will.

You’ll be roughing it: RVing is often associated with extensive camping trips. Newer RV models are well equipped with modern amenities like having a warm shower, using your own toilet, having a large bed, and more. There are several RV service stations across the country where you can empty the sewage and refill with fresh water.