7 Fun Things To Do With All The Time On The Road

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Having fun on the road doesn’t have to cost a lot. Some of the more memorable trips are often when you get creative and spend the least. Sure quiet time is nice, but time to get the kids’ heads out of their video games, and instead, enjoy the time to connect with one another and your surroundings.

1. Play road games such as: I Spy, License Plate Bingo, Two Truths and A Lie,
Name the Best or Worst __, Build A Story (take turns adding a sentence), tell jokes (the best or worst wins), singing in the round, Name a Famous Person, Country whatever topic you choose (the next person has to name a person or country that begins with the last letter of the previous person or country).

2. Just relax and work on hobbies or learn new skills like knitting, scrapbooking, jewelry making, macramé, or tie flies for fishing, cooking class online, journaling, collective story telling or song writing (each person can add sentence or lyrics to go along with the previous one).

3. Learn another language. The whole family can listen to audios and learn an exotic language or one that may come in handy for future travels. Practice with one another; pick a day where you only speak to each other in that language.

4. Plot out future trips. Talk about places you’ve always dreamed about going to or locations that would correspond with what the kids are learning at school this year, such as Gettysburg, Science or Art Museums, D.C., Amish or Gold Country, farm, agriculture, teach the kids how to read a map, etc.

5. Look for volunteer opportunities along the road. Nothing feels better than giving to others and teaching your family the importance of philanthropy and being thankful for what you have. There are soup kitchens and food banks all across America.

6. Habitat For Humanity; if you love the open road, then RV Care-A-Vanners is for you. This volunteer program invites anyone who travels by recreational vehicle to make Habitat part of their journey or destination. No experience necessary.

7. Celebrate a different culture or time period day. Discuss what foods you would eat, what are your cultural differences, what clothes you would wear, types of music and instruments, etc.

Create new adventures and fond memories with a beautiful new or new to you RV. Happy Traveling!

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