Advice On How To Prolong the Life of Your RV: 7 Helpful Hints

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Buying a recreational vehicle is a major purchase. IF you adhere to the following tips, you can protect your investment and the RV will provide you with years of happy traveling experiences:

  1. Keep It Clean. After every trip gets into the habit of cleaning it out. This prevents odors and stains from forming and keeps the RV in good condition. Taking the time to give it a good going over will make your next adventure more pleasant. Your RV won’t be smelly, it will be nice and clean, and best of all you’ll be raring to go anytime.
  2. Good Tire Care. If you ever experienced a tire blowing out while driving on a highway then you’ll know, how scary and dangerous it is. It could also lead to serious damage to your RV. Keep the tires inflated to just the right pressure. Be sure to replace all the tires before they wear out. If you don’t use your RV often, you still need to replace the tires every few years because the rubber will degrade.
  3. Abide By The Maintenance Schedule. Your RV dealer should have provided you with a recommended preventive maintenance schedule. You should add them to your calendar on your computer or mobile phone. It’s important to stick as closely to the schedule, to keep your RV running smoothly. There may be items on the maintenance schedule that you might not think about that need regular checkups, so going over the schedule will make you aware of them.
  4. Road Trip Pre-check. Your RV takes a beating on the highway, things will come loose. Before you head out on your trip, give your RV the once over. Take a little time to walk around with a screwdriver to tighten up everything.
  5. Keep It Covered. This is a major recommended tip for the life of your vehicle. When not in use, keep your RV in a covered spot, whether it is parked at your home or in a storage facility. Invest in a covered or enclosed structure. If your RV is stored off your property and you, pay the additional fee, if necessary, to keep the weather off your RV while it’s being stored.
  6. Monitor The Seals. Water will rapidly destroy the interior of your RV if it has a way to get in. To avoid mold in your RV, from the moisture that could slip in through degraded seals, every few months you should check on the condition of the seals. Be sure to replace them when necessary.
  7. Enjoy And Use Your RV. One of the best things you can do for your RV is to get out there and use it. An RV that sits in storage deteriorates. The open road is great for the engine and the movement of air running through the cabin is great for the interior. And just think of how great you and your family will feel vacationing and traveling around.


Happy Camping!

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