Are GPS Systems Good For RV Traveling?

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Using a GPS system with your Recreational Vehicle is tricky. True, GPS systems make navigation, when traveling and locating your destination, much simpler when you drive a car or truck, but it can be problematic for RVers. As Rvs are longer, heavier and more elevated than cars and some trucks, the standard directions from traditional GPS systems won’t work for RVs. GPS systems don’t allow for height clearance, etc. Leaving the RV driver frustrated and stressed.

The good news is, there are a number of GPS companies creating RV GPS units that are specifically designed with the RV driver in mind. The features and effectiveness varies, and may not be 100% fool proof yet, but they are definitely taking you into consideration and working towards perfecting the systems.

Features to consider when purchasing a RV GPS system

  • Larger, easy to see display
  • Option to enter the profile information for your particular RV
  • Points of interest specific to RVers: RV parks, campgrounds, hazards, highway exit amenities, trip planners
  • Custom routing based on the type of vehicle
  • RV specific tools and checklists
  • Long battery life
  • Smart phone link
  • Weather report/software

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