Celebrating America the RV Way

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The best, once in a lifetime way to celebrate the USA? By seeing it all, of course. An RV gives you opportunities that few people get, be it the redwood forests of the pacific northwest to the Gulf Stream waters of the southeast. This land was made for you and me – to RV!


First things first – make sure you’ve got a full tank of gas and that your RV is in good repair. Driving is still the main way to travel despite easing COVID restrictions and everyone will be leaving for the holiday. Get in ahead of time and top off your tank, your oil, and your tires so no surprises hit you on the road.

If you’re planning on cooking during your trip, it’s also recommended to get to the grocery store and beat the rush. As one of the main grilling holidays in America, get good deals on produce BEFORE stores overflow.


Part of the fun is getting dressed in red, white, and blue. That doesn’t have to stop because you’re not in your homes’ backyard. Search online for portable versions of lawn games such as horseshoes or corn hole and play as a family or invite nearby (vaccinated) friends.
Decorate your RV with simple hacks! Arrange red, white, and blue balloons in the shape of the flag, decorate the windows with gel cling shapes matching the iconic colors of Old Glory, or for a more rustic outlook, wrap textured, color coordinated bandanas on a stick. There are also plenty of options at any local boutique or grocery store to try out such as tablecloths, napkins, and rugs. Creativity is key!


Now that you’re ready to go, it’s time to figure out – where – to go. Thankfully, we have a few recommendations.

If you’re escaping the summer heat, try Alaska. Treasured as America’s last frontier, the state features lush mountain scenery, fishing, and mild temperatures. However, bring your passports because the trek through Canada will be a long one

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Looking for less nature and more sun and surf? Head down the coast to Campland on the Bay in San Diego, California. Voted the best place to camp in 2019, they offer beach bliss with an amazing fireworks display accompanied by a soundtrack. Heading to the middle of the country, Texas has much to offer. A more urban getaway makes Austin ideal, with plenty of places to camp and lots to do. Look out for fireworks and the 4th July celebration Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic.
If you’re looking to stay fairly local and head to our nation’s capital. With cultural and historical landmarks on every block, you’ll have easily a full week of activities to delight and enrich your trip.