Don’t Forget Anything! Your RV Checklist

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The weather is getting warmer. The urge to travel is building and building. Where do you want to go? How long do you want to be out on the road? Is it going to be a quick weekend trip, or are you planning on living in your RV for the summer? It doesn’t matter if you travel every single year or if you’re a brand new RVer, there’s needs to be some plan in mind. Planning and preparation is the best way to enjoy your trip to the max! Here’s a checklist to get you started on your adventure!

Make sure you have all of the necessary papers for your RV, such as:

✔ Insurance Papers

 ✔ Registration

 ✔ Owner’s Manual

 ✔ Passports (If you’re planning on traveling across the borders)

 ✔ Maps (digitally or physical)

Battery and electrical such as:

 ✔ Portable generator

 ✔ Extension Cords

 ✔ Spare batteries & fuses

 ✔ Battery charger

 ✔ Jumper cables

Outdoor Essentials such as:

✔ Sleeping bags

 ✔ Tent

 ✔ Flashlights

 ✔ Camping Chairs and Table


Kitchen Essentials such as:

 ✔ Pots with lids

 ✔ Frying pan

 ✔ Bowls & plates

 ✔ Forks, spoons, & knives

 ✔ Dish soap & sponges

 ✔ Trash bags

 ✔ Storage containers

These are just a few items you might need when getting out on the road. For more in-depth checklists for your upcoming RV adventures, head over to Campanda Magazine!

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