Enjoy Winter RV Travel: What to Prepare for Safe and Comfortable Travel

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Why stop camping just because the weather has gotten colder and there’s snow on the ground? With the right preparations, you don’t have to hibernate like the bears. Enjoy RV Camping All-year-round: 8 helpful tips to make the prep time easier and ensure a great time:

1. Before you hit the road, do winter maintenance on your RV; have a professional check the interior and exterior to ensure that it is in roadworthy condition and can handle the temperatures that you will encounter to and from your destination.

2. Empty your black and gray water tanks just before the trip and insulate the pipes draining into the tanks with foam pipe insulation. Add a quart of special pink RV antifreeze (not the green type used in cars) to each. This will protect the dump valves from freezing. You can add holding tank heaters; they’re available in 12V DC and 120V AC models.

3. Seasonal tire checkup; does your RV and tow vehicle have the right type of tires for the weather conditions?

4. Get a carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one, as it’s a must for any gas heated RV. Test the carbon monoxide detector to be sure that it’s working properly.

5. Top off your heating fuel; if your camper uses propane for heat, be sure that your tank is full and if you are going to a remote area, consider bringing along an extra tank.

6. Be sure to verify seasonal closings of campgrounds and destination spots, especially if you plan to travel where heavy snow is common. You don’t want arrive and find out there’s nowhere to camp or the local activities are closed for the winter.

7. Pack plenty of warm clothing and items that you can be layered. It may be cozy inside the camper, but you’ll want to be comfortable when you go outside to enjoy the fun winter activities.

8. Consider taking along some of these suggested emergency items:

  • Tire chains
  • Weather band radio
  • Extra blankets
  • Sleeping bags rated for zero degree temperatures
  • 5 gallons of drinking water in heated storage space
  • A “white gas” camping stove (one that doesn’t require propane)
  • Gasoline powered generator
  • Extra propane tanks
  • Electric pipe heaters for below freezing temperatures. Note: you’ll need an electric hook-up or generator for this.
  • Blow dryer to defrost pipes and tanks
  • Emergency GPS system
  • Extra food
  • Solar charging panels are good for re-charging house batteries
  • Cash for unexpected fees or emergencies

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