Fun RV Activities During the Winter

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Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you have to put the RV away. As long as you stay safe and keep an eye on the storms, there’s always a way to enjoy the RV life. Not sure of what fun things you can do during a winter RV trip? Here’s a list of a few things we think will be a blast for your trips! 

  • Explore the local area. The internet can really help out with research on this part, but depending on the town you’re close to there usually is a lot of fun events going on, especially around the holidays. There could be independent bookstores, little mom & pop shops inviting you in with a hot drink and a warm muffin, and much more. Ask some of the locals too. Sometimes the best finds are ones that are word-of-mouth.
  • Have fun in the snow. Everyone needs a day where they bundle up in as many layers as possible, head out to the snow, and just have a blast. Build a snowman, have a family snowball fight, sled down a hill, etc. When everyone is tuckered out, head inside for some delicious hot cocoa, tea, or coffee.

  • Be one with nature. Research and explore the wildlife around the area. Make a scavenger hunt out of finding tracks in the snow, bird nests, or winter foliage! Just be careful not to disturb any nests or animals, observe from a distance.
  • Enjoy the night sky. If you’re parked in an area further away from the city lights, take a night where you can turn off all of the RV lights and watch the night sky.
  • Continue with or develop a new hobby. Winter is a great time to continue with a hobby you’ve been doing for years, or consider starting a new one. When on an RV trip, you’ll have plenty of downtime due to the drive, weather, etc. Take up painting, bird watching, crafting, and more!

  • Have a night in. Just because you’re on an awesome RV trip, doesn’t mean every day needs to be an adventure! Take a night or two and have a night where you can stay toasty warm, watch some TV or a movie, read a book you’ve been meaning to get to, or anything else you can think of to relax you.

Create new adventures and fond memories with a beautiful new or new to you RV. Happy Traveling!

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