How COVID-19 Could Be Your Excuse To Travel

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Are you itching to go on a vacation, but have no idea what to do? In light of everything going on, going on cruises, flying to another country, or even going to places like Disneyland just aren’t an option. While a lot of places are open, cases of the virus are spiking again. Those areas might close down tomorrow. We might see a couple more waves of closures before getting back to normal. With that being said, your vacation doesn’t have to suffer, it just needs to be changed around a little bit. Recently at Pocono RV, our business has been booming. Why? People just like you! They want to get away from the house, take a break from life, and have a safe vacation. If you can’t fly why would you want to use an RV? Here are a few great reasons why an RV is just what you and your family need to enjoy your vacation this year!

How COVID-19 Could Be Your Excuse To Travel 1

● Flying and cruises involve close quarters. We are still practicing social distancing anywhere you go but cruises and airports don’t always have to room to adhere to that. Plus you’ll be in contact with too many people who unknowingly may have the virus. An RV allows you to practice social distancing while getting out in the open and exploring.
● Many countries are limiting or denying access altogether into or out of their country. Going for just a vacation isn’t worth the risk or the hassle of getting to your destination right now.

● You can camp out pretty much anywhere you want. If you want to avoid people altogether during your trip, it’s very easy to do that in an RV.
● You’re sleeping in your own bed and using your own facilities even if you’re away from home. In hotels, you can’t always guarantee the staff has cleaned everything completely and you’re unable to clean the sheets and bedding yourself. In your RV you can clean the bedding every single day if you have the means to do so as well as keep up with the cleaning and sanitization.

How COVID-19 Could Be Your Excuse To Travel 2
How COVID-19 Could Be Your Excuse To Travel 3

● In your RV, you’re preparing your own meals and having them in an area you know. Restaurants are working hard to follow the CDC guidelines, but sometimes it’s better knowing you’re safe with a homemade meal.
Outdoor activities are a breeze! There are so many ways you and your family can have fun while exploring in the RV. You can go hiking, biking, kayaking, fishing, photography, and much more.

While vacations this year need to be more unique, it doesn’t mean they can’t happen. With our selection of new or pre-owned RV’s, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you and your family!