How To Avoid RV Fires

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Traveling around in an RV is exhilarating and allows you to visit places you might never visit otherwise. The reality is that RV’s can be dangerous if you’re not cautious. Accidents happen, not just on the road, but when your RV is parked. You have to know how to prevent any issues from occurring. To avoid this, have everything in your RV inspected by a mechanic once a year.

What causes RV fires?

Several issues can cause an RV to catch fire. Most of them tend to happen while you’re driving, but there are a few issues that spring up for stationary RVs as well.


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● RVs will produce a lot of heat while you drive. Fires happen in the engine compartment when it isn’t clean. To avoid a fire, add an engine fire suppression system to prevent a fire.

● Check and replace any leaking fuel lines. Even a small leak with a spark can have your RV go up.

● The wheel bearings need to stay lubricated, especially for long drives. Dry wheel bearings are dangerous when there’s metal-on-metal friction.

● Make sure to keep all tires inflated. Low or flat tires can cause a driver to lose control, or there could be sparks coming off the rim from hitting the pavement.

● RVs have a parking brake for extra security. If you forget to release that break when you start driving, it can throw sparks not only effecting the RV but the area around it.


How To Avoid RV Fires 2

● Electrical shorts and bad wiring can be one of the biggest culprits to an RV fire. Any appliance can be an issue such as the generator, water heater, and more. Refrigerators are a big one, and there have been recalls. To avoid this, check all wires frequently and replace anything that is old or looks suspicious.

● Do not leave fires unattended outside your RV, keep it out in the open instead of under the awning, and don’t have a fire near a propane tank.

● If your RV has been sitting out for an extended period, like over the winter, animals may have taken up residence in the inner workings of your RV. Nests are dry and can be kindling. Thoroughly look over the RV for any unwelcome guests.

To help you stay on the ball of your RV make sure the alarm system is up to date. These alarm systems monitor things like smoke, gas, and CO2.

Remember, the design of this blog is not to make you uncomfortable. It’s to provide you the knowledge to make your RV trip full of fun and adventure. Now that you know how fires happen, you can prevent them, keeping you and your passengers safe!

Create new adventures and fond memories with a beautiful new or new to you RV. Happy Traveling!

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