Keeping Your Pets Cool For The Summer Travels

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Pets can get just as overheated as humans. Some may argue that they are even more affected by the hot weather, since most pets are covered in fur. However, animals are pretty resilient when it comes to the hotter weather, but it never hurts to make them just as comfortable as yourself. Here are some tips to keep your pet cool during your summer travels.

Keeping Your Pets Cool For The Summer Travels 1

  • Make sure they have plenty of water at all times. This means refilling the dish a few times, especially for those pups who just enjoy a long drink. More pee breaks will be needed depending on the set up of the RV, but your pet will thank you.
    • Bonus Tip: Adding some ice cubes to the water bowl can be a fast way to cool down your pet. It’s also added instant entertainment since they will probably want to play with the ice cubes, too.

Keeping Your Pets Cool For The Summer Travels 2

  • Getting the necessary sun protection is easy while inside your RV, but when you’re stopped, it’s important to consider a shaded area for your furry friend. Make sure your pet has a spot where they can be outside with the family but away from the sun.
  • Your pet is constantly shedding. This can intensify in the spring and summer while your pets are getting rid of their winter coat. Brushing your pet often will help them get all of that extra fur a little more easily.

Keeping Your Pets Cool For The Summer Travels 3

  • Put some low-salt chicken stock in a popsicle maker, or in ice cube trays for a cool treat that your pets can devour.
  • Some animals just aren’t comfortable getting wet. A great alternative to a pool swim or bath is to dampen a towel with cold water. You can then stroke your animal with the towel, allowing them to cool off. They might not like the wet fur, but they will feel cooler in the long run.

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