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Approximately 40% of RV and camper owners travel with a firearm. Before hitting the road, determine what the law is of the state(s) and/or country that you intend to visit or travel through. The laws can be complex. Many states require permits to carry firearms on or about one’s person. If you’re one of the 40%, for a more enjoyable safe trip, read on!

Helpful Tip for individual state firearm laws and information:

Read the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Guide or call NRA-ILA 800-392-8683.

In most states, firearms may be legally transported if unloaded, cased, and locked in the vehicle trunk or otherwise inaccessible to the driver or any passengers. In the case of a motorized RV where there is no separate towing vehicle and/or separate living space, lock your firearms in the rear compartment of the camper or mobile home.

Exceptions mainly apply to the transportation of assault weapons/handguns.

Commercial Aircraft and Firearms

The TSA has established requirements for transporting firearms and ammunition in checked baggage on commercial aircraft. Firearms, parts and ammunition are prohibited from your carry-on baggage. For more information, visit the TSA website and your airline.

National and State Parks and Wildlife Refuges

If you are in legal possession of a firearm, and it is in compliance with the laws of the state in which the park or refuge is located, it is permissible. Rules in various state park systems vary, so always inquire first. However, a separate federal law continues to ban the possession of firearms in federal facilities within national parks and wildlife refuges; all prohibited locations will be posted with signs.

Canada has very strict laws governing the transportation and possession of firearms. Visit the U.S. Embassy in Canada’s website, Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) or call 1-800-731-4000.

Mexico severely restricts importing firearms and ammunition; violations are likely to result in harsh punishment. The U.S. Dept. of State and Mexican tourism officials, strongly advise U.S. citizens visiting Mexico to leave their firearms at home. Visit the U.S. Embassy in Mexico website for more information.

Limited exceptions apply for the purpose of hunting; foreign hunters in Mexico must be accompanied by a licensed Mexican hunting guide (contact your outfitter).

U.S. Residents upon returning: Importing of firearms or ammunition into the U.S. requires a permit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives unless the traveler can demonstrate that the firearm(s) or ammo were previously possessed within the U.S.

Of course, once you’ve reached your destination, state and local laws will govern the ownership, possession, and transportation of your firearm(s).

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DISCLAIMER WARNING: Federal and state firearms laws are subject to change frequently. This blog is not intended as legal advice or the restatement of law. To determine the applicability of laws mentioned to specific situations in which you may encounter, consult a local attorney. Pocono RV is not responsible for the accuracy of the information posted in any referenced websites or this blog.