Lightning Safety Tips

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Lightning is both ominous and scary. It can be incredibly damaging to your home, trees, and even yourself, if you’re not careful during a thunderstorm. Even storms that are miles away can be dangerous as lightning can strike at any time. Being out on the road in your RV, or relaxing during a camping trip puts you at risk when a storm is rolling in. Since lightning doesn’t have an exact pattern of where it will strike next, it’s best to be prepared before a storm even hits. Here are a few suggested tips to protect yourself during a lightning storm.

Lightning Safety Tips 1

Here are some procedures for that upcoming lightning storm:

  • Get inside at the first crack of thunder. Just because it’s hasn’t started raining yet doesn’t mean the lightning can’t strike. “Inside” can be a building or a car, just so long you as you can be out of the rain and have any windows closed.
  • Since an electrical current is conducted in water the best option is to get out of it. This means to get out of the pool or lake, don’t be standing outside washing your car, or fishing in a river or pond. Even having your fishing line in the water runs the risk of electrocution.
  • Similar to water, keeping away from metal is the best practice in lightning safety. This is also a conductor for electricity and can cause serious damage if you’re near a flagpole or holding a metal golf club or baseball bat.
  • Don’t rush the storm. It’s best to wait at least 30 minutes after the storm has passed before going out to do anything outside. Lightning can still strike even after the storm has passed.

Once you’re safely inside here’s what you should and shouldn’t do:Lightning Safety Tips 2

  • Stick with devices that aren’t attached to an electrical outlet. Unplug the laptop and go off the battery, get out the eReader, or a traditional book.
  • Don’t take a shower or do the dishes. Even though you’re inside you can still be electrocuted by water if the house gets struck by lightning.
  • Watching a thunderstorm can be quite a relaxing experience. However, your best bet is to stay inside and watch from the windows.  You can still get struck by lightning from the porch.
  • Get off the concrete, too. For structural purposes, concrete may have metal running through it which means it can conduct electricity.

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