Make friends while RVing : How to be a Considerate Camper

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One of the many joys of RVing is the community of people you meet along the way, whether you select a single location to summer or holiday or you pull up stakes frequently. Making new friends can be exciting and interesting. People you never thought you’d be friends with, will become your new camping buddies. However, strangers and soon to be friends can be challenging and irritate one another. You’ve probably heard the adage fences make good neighbors; one can put up figurative fences while camping instead. Just as others may get on your nerve, the converse may also true.

Make friends while RVing : How to be a Considerate Camper 1

Travel friendly. Greet other RVers/hikers/campers you encounter with a smile. You’re all part of a camping community, and camaraderie makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Be open to the experience and helpful if you can. Bring along food/desserts/recipes to share.

Be considerate of others. Always walk around other people’s campsite areas, not through them. Watch where you shine your flashlight.

Come prepared. Keep borrowing to a minimum. We all forget things, but borrowing can become tedious to others. Keep sticky notes handy; as you run out of items write them down for your next shopping trip. If you choose to loan things, be clear about when and if it should be returned. 

Keep noise level down. Campgrounds usually have posted quiet hours and some townships also have noise ordinances. Please be respectful and mind the hours. Keep arguing, yelling, clanking, hammering, etc. to a minimum. The music you enjoy may well not be your neighbors’ cup of tea.

Clean up. ALWAYS clean up after yourselves. Clean as you prepare, cook, eat, etc. and be sure to tidy up before you leave. Put all your garbage in the campsite bear-proof containers or keep it safe from hungry animals and critters, then take the garbage with you when you leave.

Extra firewood & things. If you have leftover firewood, leave it for the next people. Many campsites have an area where you can donate/leave other things for the next guy/gal, such as books, supplies, unopened food, etc., but don’t leave anything other than firewood at the site.

Properly dispose of human waste. There are usually specific dump sites available at your campground or check out RV Dump Stations. While hiking, camping, etc. when facilities aren’t available dig a cat hole. Use plain, non-perfumed toilet paper and dispose of it by burying it in the cat hole or take it with you (don’t burn it!).

Environmental impact. Use reusable items. If you use disposable eating plates/utensils, buy recyclable items. Recycle whatever you can, and dispose of waste water in designated places on the site instead of into the lake, stream or on the ground.

Connect with nature not technology. Use your cell phone, computer, tablets, when you are in and around your RV. While hiking and sightseeing, put your phone on silent. No one is interested in listening to your smartphone notifications, phone ringing or loud conversations on speaker.

Pets.  Be sure to follow on- and off-leash rules as well as clean up after your dog. When outside of your RV it is best to keep your do leashed and away from campfires. Not everyone has the same appreciation for Fido as you do. If your dog is anxious around strangers/children, or eats trash, etc. consider muzzling the pooch when outdoors.

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Make new memories and “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

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