Preparing Your RV for Winter

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The upcoming winter months does not mean the RVing must end. If you’re properly prepared, it can be the best time of the year to go RVing. This is because seasonal campers are going to be home for the winter. This also means you get more of the campgrounds to yourself, and even better views with the gorgeous snowy weather. 

Here’s what to look out for to enjoy a winter trip: 

  • Make sure the caulking is up-to-date and sealed properly. If there are any drafts or any areas of caulking that don’t look like they’ll last the winter, now it the best time to cut out the old stuff and replace it with a silicone-based caulk or one that’s specific for RVs.

Preparing Your RV for Winter 1

  • The average RV doesn’t come with insulated windows which means heat will be able to seep out instead of keeping the occupants warm. This is easily solved by getting sheets of bubble insulation. Cut to size of each window, possibly adding a second layer just to make sure everything is sealed up. Strips of velcro will help attach the insulation to the window. It may not look the prettiest but it will keep the heat even on the coldest days. Vents are easy. All that’s needed is a vent cushion to prevent cold air from coming through. 

Preparing Your RV for Winter 2

  • Water systems in RVs can freeze just like pipes in a house. If you’re camping out where bathrooms are accessible then the best bet is to keep the water tank empty during those cold months. If not then wrap the waterline and the sewer’s hose with insulating plumbing tape or use foam insulation to keep them from freezing. If that’s too much of a hassle then a heated hose can be purchased. 
  • Don’t forget to bundle up on the layers. While you’ve done a lot to keep the RV toasty it’s still better to bring more layers and blankets with for the trip. Too many layers to take off is better than not having enough and freezing. It makes for a miserable time. 

Preparing Your RV for Winter 3

  • Be prepared just in case you get stranded someplace because of the weather. Plan out where you’re taking the RV and map out where the local markets are along with who the local police are just in case you have an issue. The best things to have on hand would be:
    • Extra water
    • Extra food
    • A blow dryer so you can defrost tanks and pipes
    • A gas-powered generator if your rig is larger than average
    • A shovel
    • Cat litter to help with tire traction when you’re stuck in the snow


Create new adventures and fond memories with a beautiful new or new to you RV. Happy Traveling!

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