RV Storage Tips and Suggestions

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RV storage is an important consideration in your RV ownership. Protect your investment from harsh elements and theft, especially during the weeks/months of downtime, when your RV is not in use. Storage options
  1. Home. Some owners elect to store their RVs right in their driveway.It is certainly the least expensive method. Before you store the RV at your home, make sure your city/town/community allows this; be sure to follow all ordinances related to RV parking.
  2. Prefab RV storage buildings. If you opt to store your RV on your property, consider your own storage building. Typically they are constructed out of steel and built with additional storage space for everything you may need to perform maintenance and/or your supplies and equipment for your travels.
  3. Add-on RV wood garage. You can either erect a freestanding garage or carport or add on to an existing garage attached to your home that will accommodate the size of your RV.
  4. RV storage facilities. More and more of these storage centers are popping up. The storage center facilities may be in an open lot or in an enclosed building environment. Typically they offer secure air conditioned facilities for your vehicle.
Storage tips
  1. Wipe down the interior of the RV and vacuum thoroughly.
  2. Empty out food cupboards and remove food from refrigerator and freezer. Prop the fridge/freezer door open. Add a box of baking soda to avoid odors.
  3. Close all windows, blinds and roof vents.
  4. Clean the exterior of your RV and have the under body cleaned.
  5. Seal with silicone or spray foam any openings to prevent rodents from nesting.
  6. If you’re going to store your RV at home, purchase tire covers and a vehicle cover.
  7. Make sure all awnings and windows are dry to avoid mildew and mold.
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