RV Tips For The Beginner Adventurer

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As a new RV owner, you’re bubbling with the urge to hit the open road and explore. It’s an exciting feeling, but that excitement wears off when problems start popping up; especially problems that you can avoid with the proper planning. Where are you going to rest each night? Have you tested out your equipment? Have you packed appropriately? Theses are all questions seasoned RVers ask themselves before they hit the road.

Here are a few tips for a beginner to get you started:

● Practice, Practice, Practice: RV’s are longer and bulkier than a pick-up truck. You need to get used to how the RV handles, where the blind spots are, the length, etc. Practice driving your RV in an area you’re familiar with before you take it on a long trip.

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Test Out Equipment: Wherever you have your RV parked, set everything up as if you’ve reached your destination. It’s a great way to test out all of your equipment and fix any issues before you start your adventures.

Be Careful What You Pack: With limited space, you have to be strategic with what you pack. Take only the items you need and keep in mind what the weather will be wherever you’re planning to go.

RV Tips For The Beginner Adventurer 2

Don’t Worry About Water Tanks: Water tanks can weight down your RV, and generally, campgrounds have a water supply ready to use.

Prepare For Generators: Not every campground or resting spot will have electricity. You may need to set up a generator or use the batteries on the RV.

Don’t Get Overloaded: Periodically check the weight of your RV at a truck stop with the truck weight. Don’t let your RV get too heavy, or it could cause problems during your travels.

Get Used To Dark Set-Ups: The best time to set up the RV is during the day, but life happens. There will be times where you need to set up everything at night. Have proper lighting and adequate power to handle a nighttime set up.

Create new adventures and fond memories with a beautiful new or new to you RV. Happy Traveling!

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