RV Trick Or Treat

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With the cool air and the prospect of s’mores over a campfire, fall is a favorite time to go camping for many RV owners. Even better? Many campgrounds hold Halloween-themed weekends for everyone to enjoy! Here are a few tips for Halloween RV-ing.


It’s not a house, but that doesn’t mean your RV can’t double as a spooky haunted house. Buy large plastic bags for blacking out windows and creating a spooky tendrils from awnings and siding. Stop at your closest halloween store and buy some plastic skeletons to hang from awnings or ‘hide’ under the RV. While shopping, add hanging lights and halloween ‘yard’ decorations that aren’t too bulky. Small foam gravestones and orange or green hanging lights can go a long way! At the very least, use your stereo to put on some spooky tunes and Monster Mash into the night – don’t forget the costumes!
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Stop by the office or ask around to check if there are planned Halloween activities such as trick-or-treating. If everyone is decorating, there’s a good chance that your Halloween camping will be full of little ghosts and goblins visiting your door for candy. If traveling far from your hometown, bring candy from your region as certain regions of the country have different types of candy – or at least candy that’s more of a novelty than in other regions. It’ll make the kids’ experience much more unique and memorable.

For Adults

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Take the time to meet and greet your fellow adult camp-mates by dressing up, hosting a dance party (monster’s ball, anyone?) or a movie night, making special drinks, or hosting an adults-only campfire scary story session! Whatever your plans, an RV from Pocono RV guarantees to not only get you there safely but make sure you’re comfortable and happy during your voyages!