Staying Warm in the Winter – Helpful Hints for Enjoying RVing in the Winter

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Heating your RV during the winter can be different than heating your house or apartment, particularly during a snow storm. There’s no reason to “dry dock” your RV in the wintertime. With some ingenuity and careful preparation, you and your family can still really enjoy your RV. Here are some helpful tips to keep your family and RV comfortable.

    • Close off any unused rooms. When you’re in the living area, close the bathroom and bedrooms; conversely, when in the bedroom, keep the door shut.


    • Space heaters. Often the factory installed furnaces are not enough during the really cold winters, so buy efficient space heaters.


    • Rugs. Even with carpeting, it is a good idea to add rugs in heavily traffic areas.


    • Weather proof/insulate windows. By covering the windows with Reflectix insulation you’ll see a big improvement in keeping your RV warm. And it’s easy to do.


    • Insulate your hatch vents. Most RV vent hatch covers are thin pieces of plastic, and unlike the roof, they don’t have much of an R-factor.


    • Shrink wrap your screen door. Hard to believe but by covering the door with a thin layer of plastic, you can keep the RV door open, and screen door closed, so that you can let the sunshine and light in. Easy to do.


    • Park your RV towards the sun. Orient it so that the larger windows face the sun.


    • Fireplace. Consider investing in vent-free propane fireplace for extra warmth and cuddling up.


    • Dress in layers. Start with thermal underwear and add layers of shirts and pants if necessary. Get a cozy fleece jacket and/or flannel shirt.


    • Socks and thermal insulated shoes. Keep your feet warm, wear socks, slippers or special insulated shoes.


    • Hat and/or scarf. Hats prevent your body temperature from dropping and one’s physical and mental faculties from degenerating in the cold.


    • Eat hearty soups and stews. Get a slow cooker/or crock pot. Time to experiment with new dishes or make your family’s favorites.


    • Warm drinks. Enjoy hot chocolate and tea with the family.


    • Skip the booze. Hot beverages raise your core temperature, but spiking your drink with alcohol, will actually lower your core body temperature.


    • Use your oven. You can warm up your RV and enjoy the fantastic smell and taste of delicious baked bread and cookies.


    • Exercise/Hike. Exercising, naturally warms up your body, keeps the blood flowing and your mood balanced.


    • Blankets and throws. Get some down blankets and extra fleece throws. Cover your body and your couch or chair for added warmth.


    • Flannel sheets. They are great for keeping you warm at night.


    • Window ceramic heaters. Use as a supplemental heater or on your dash as a window defroster.


    • Avoid condensation issues. Simply down your windows with absorbent towel. Pull the screens away so they don’t get in the way.


  • Pets. Don’t forget your furry friends, provide them with extra blanket(s) and sweaters, especially for short haired dogs.


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