What To Do If You Can’t Find a Campground: Boondocking Fun Adventures

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Boondocking is the act of camping outside of a designated or developed campground, that doesn’t have RV hookups. So, even if you can’t find an RV campground, with facilities, on your travels, boondocking can be your excuse for having a new experience, for a night or two, or more!

Potential boondocking sites would include:

  • WalMart parking lots
  • Truck Stops
  • NASCAR races
  • Fairgrounds
  • Ranch or Farm
  • Federal and state campgrounds without water hookups

The size or type of your RV/camper may determine where you can boondock. Pop up and truck campers have the advantage of being able to get to remote camping sites. If you have a large 5th wheel or motor home, boondocking can be a little more difficult, but with some research, you can find places to accommodate your rig.

Some helpful hints for boondocking:

  • Pre-plan/pre-cook your meals.
  • Cook with gas. If you choose to cook on a fire, choose your location wisely. Gathering wood may be frowned upon.
  • Water, bring bottles or jugs of drinking water to save the water in your fresh tank for washing and showering.
  • Take short showers to extend the fresh tank. Use disposable dishes and utensils to limit dishwashing.
  • Don’t dump dirty water in areas with ponds, rivers, water holes, etc.
  • Use dish or dirty water for flushing purposes.
  • Pre-wash fruits and vegetables while at a place with water hookups.
  • Trash, many areas won’t have trash services so clean up after yourself, pack it out/pack it up!
  • Human waste must be properly disposed of in campgrounds, you can use the cathole method (bring a small shovel).
  • Battery charge, extend it by turning off your heater and lights at night. Minimize use of TV & other appliances. Bring extra blankets, sweaters, flashlights, etc.
  • Solar panels and an inverter come in handy.
  • Generators are great for extending RV camping trips, but bear in mind without a place to recharge, use is limited and can bother nearby campers.
  • Propane supply can be extended by turning off your water heater and only use it when needed.

Useful Boondocking websites:
U.S. National Forest Campground Guide http://www.forestcamping.com
Free Campgrounds for RVs http://www.freecampgrounds.com
WalMart Boondocking Locator http://www.walmartlocator.com/rv-parking-at-walmart/
Boondocking http://boondocking.org
Welcome Boondockers https://www.boondockerswelcome.com

With an open heart and attitude, you’ll be able to create new adventures and fond memories with and for your family. Happy Traveling!

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