What to Do When Your RV Slide Outs Don’t Slide In: Pros & Cons Of Slide Outs

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If you spend a considerable amount of time with your RV parked, then having slide outs is the best! It can quickly expand the living space and give you the instant ability to move about the living space without that claustrophobic closed-in feeling. A bedroom slide out is probably the most coveted of all, as RV bedrooms are known for being cramped. Slide outs for the most part are easy to use as well.

That being said; a slide out is just another moving part that has the potential to break down. While the majority are very reliable most of the time, there is a chance that a problem may arise on a trip. Pounding down rough roads can take their toll on RV slide outs. Many slide outs have manual ways to retract the slide, but some don’t. If you find that your slide outs won’t slide back in when you are ready to move on, you have a serious problem. You can’t very well hit the road with the slide outs extended; you’ll need to get it tucked back in as soon as possible.

Things to consider. If your RV has slide outs, check with any campsite you are contemplating going to prior to booking to make sure they can accommodate you. Some campsites can’t accommodate the space needed or there may be trees or utility posts in the way.

What to do if your slide outs don’t work:

    1. First check to see if you are getting enough power from your battery to run the system.


    1. Next place to look is in your fuses and circuit breaker. Is there any noise coming from the motor when you hit the switch?


    1. If not, you may have an electrical problem; check for blown fuses or a tripped circuit breaker.


    1. Consult with your owner’s manual to see if there is a way to close the slide out manually so that you can get on the road.


    1. If necessary call for help to have your slide out repaired at the campsite. Ask around at the campground or go online and seek recommendations for a local dealer or mechanic who can assist with the problem.


  1. Once home, contact your local dealer and have the RV inspected to figure out what went wrong, or to take preventive measures for your next trip.

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